CIS 565: GPU Programming and Architecture

Fall 2016

University of Pennsylvania
Computer Graphics @ Penn

Student Projects

University of Pennsylvania

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Final Projects

Bowen BaoConvolutional Neural Networks in CUDA
Ethan BrooksLong Short-Term Memory Neural Networks with CUDA
Xiaomao DingClustered Shading in Vulkan
Rony EddeCUDA KD Tree Traversal for Pathtracing
Austin EngWebGL PIC/FLIP Fluid simulation
Ruoyu Fan
Xueyin Wan
Vulkan Forward Plus Renderer
David Grosman
Trung Le
Hybrid Ray-Raster Renderer in Vulkan
Richard Lee
Ottavio Hartman
WebGL Unified Particle System
David Liao
Zhan Xiong Chin
A Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography in CUDA
Kaixiang Miao
Akshay Shah
Bidirectional Photonmapping in CUDA and OptiX
Nischal K NGPU Accelerated SLAM in CUDA
Gabriel Naghi
Daniel Krupka
Parametric Pseudo-Manifolds in CUDA
Jian RuPhysically Based Rendering and Image Based Lighting in Vulkan
Michael WillettRobust Online SLAM in CUDA
Deng XiangCUDA Based Fast and Accurate Image Feature Matching for Large Scale Datasets
Zimeng Yang
Liang Peng
Vulkan Forward Plus Renderer